Do AM workouts ever get easier? YAS!

1.) Don’t hit snooze. NO. Don’t even think about it!!!

2.) Lay out your clothes the night before…or sleep in them. You do you.

3.) Find a buddy or an early workout class to hold you accountable. Long distance swolemates count too.

4.) Go to bed early. Can’t stress that enough.┬áIf you get in the routine of getting up early, trust me you’ll be tired enough by 10pm.

The Perks

The benefits of AM workouts are amazing! You can hit your fitness goals before breakfast, finish a load of laundry, walk the dog, enjoy an espresso, imagine what you can get done by waking up earlier.

Health Benefits:

  • Jump Starts your Metabolism
  • Increases Mental and Physical Energy
  • Reduces Stress Levels
  • Prevents Disease (exercise lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, increases immunity etc)
  • Most Importantly YOU Will Start Your Day With An AWESOME ATTITUDE And A Feeling of Accomplishment!