Menu Analysis

As a Registered Dietitian, I believe that being able to fully understand an individual’s health goals has to start with an in-depth analysis of their diet.

Consumers are more interested than ever, wanting to know what’s in their food and what they are getting when dining out.

Extending beyond the calculation of calories and nutrients, I offer comprehensive meal analysis in order to help improve your menu and your communities health. Breaking down each meal and dish to its basic ingredients, I am able to provide nutrition labels and credible nutrition information.

With the overwhelming amount of dietary information available, it’s important for you as a business owner and food service establishment to know your menu’s nutrition information to provide safe, high quality meals and beverages.

Recipe Development

So, you’ve had some of your entrees analyzed and it wasn’t exactly what you were going for. As a dietitian, I can provide my recommendations for wholesome substitutes for a variety of foods and ingredients and can engineer exciting, delicious and nutritious recipes that replace those elements that may cause health issues. My meal analysis and recipe development services act as perfect complements to quality service and trusted food service.

To find out more about my nutrition analysis services, contact RDRx today. I look forward to being your partner in health and success.