There’s little room for argument when it comes to the link between health and nutrition. Even the most inexperienced and least knowledgeable individuals have to admit that peak physical health is simply not possible without proper nutrition. Our systems depend on food as energy, medicine and support. Boosting performance levels, stoking metabolism, and fighting against illness, good nutrition helps everyone experience the benefits of optimal wellness.

By partnering with registered dietitian Haley Hughes, your gym, fitness facility, corporate organization or clinic can provide the added component of nutritional counseling through periodic presentations. Providing comprehensive educational presentations, she can help you motivate your clients to implement a nutrition plan that improves their results and supports their health goals.

As a certified diabetes educator, Haley is also qualified to teach diabetes management skills. Her diabetes education program has been designed to help individuals add the very important aspect of nutrition, medication management, exercise and lifestyle changes to their care plan.

To find out more about implementing nutrition challenges or presentations at your location, contact RDRx Nutrition now.