1. She was so knowledgeable and real.

    I attended a virtual class with Haley and she was so knowledgeable and real. I loved that she shared tangible information with those of us that attended.…Read More

    Sydney A.
  2. Haley is the best!

    Haley is the best! As a CrossFit coach and Personal Trainer, I recommend her to all of the women that I work with as she is committed to finding a plan that meets your where you are and that works with YOUR lifestyle and goals in mind. Want to live healthier but still want to have a delicious local craft brew or dessert? Haley can help you find that balance. This isn’t a template diet program or…Read More

    Kate J.
  3. Haley is an incredible gal!

    Haley is an incredible gal, she is friendly, personable, real and full of life! She helped me get back on track with my nutrition and start crushing goals! She is knowledgeable, professional and treats you like an individual with individual needs! I adore her!…Read More

    Jessica E.
  4. I work with Haley on a weekly basis, she is a great asset to the team!

    I work with Haley on a weekly basis, she is a great asset to the team! She is a driven and hardworking with great follow through from the smallest task to the largest of projects. Haley will go above and beyond to make sure her client stays successful throughout their health and wellness journey. She is an inspiration within the Nutrition world and I am happy to work alongside her!…Read More

    Chirstine P.
  5. Wow!!

    Wow!!! Love how Haley meets me where I’m at, helping me feel confident in simple steps and starting the process! Went to a cooking class taught by Haley and WOW! Blown away with how great it was!…Read More

    Becky L.
  6. She had great ideas and was quick

    Haley worked with me on menu analysis for our menu at Aunt Helen's Coffee house. She had great ideas, was quick and provided a very professional product. I am excited to continue working with her in the future on events and further analysis of our menu items! She is awesome!…Read More

    Aimee W.
  7. “Meal Prep 101” was great.

    I attended Haley’s seminar in “Meal Prep 101” and it was great. The knowledge and the information she provided was very informative. I can tell, just knowing her from a short amount of time, that she is really there to help people achieve their goals. She won’t only provide the right meal plans and recipes for you, but also provide you with the knowledge you need to be successful on your o…Read More

    Aleks N.
  8. My husband and I decided we needed Haley’s help to establish our own meal planning routines!

    I attended one of Haley’s meal prepping workshops and loved it so much that my husband and I decided we needed Haley’s help to establish our own meal planning routines. Working with her is so much fun; she understands how to work with your personal lifestyle and makes eating healthy an easy process! As an added bonus, we love her delicious recipes!…Read More

    Megan S.
  9. Having Haley as a dietitian was an excellent experience!

    Having Haley as a dietitian was an excellent experience that turned my life around. As a college student, I did not think I had time to cook my meals and I consistently ate at fast food restaurants which made me gain the famous "freshman fifteen." She worked with my schedule and was able to create meal plans that fit my busy life and I have lost a lot of weight thanks to her. If you are looking fo…Read More

    Laura M.
  10. Haley is awesome!

    Haley is awesome! She is personable, down to earth, and easy to work with. I really doubted I was capable of making any real changes but Haley gave me practical advice tailored to my busy lifestyle that not only helped me become healthier but also helped me lose weight. I would highly recommend scheduling a consultation with her!…Read More

    Michelle M.