Aunt Helen’s

Bod Squad Menu, Breakfast Sandwich on English Muffin (Egg, Ham, Avocado), Salads with a Protein, Sandwiches with Veggies and Lean Protein, Protein Boxes, Smoothies with Fruits/Veggies, Drip Coffee/Plain Lattes, Teas


Smoothies & Acai Bowls: (ex. Choose Fruit, Veggies, Protein Source, Sub Sherbet for Greek yogurt)

Veggie Juice: Blended with Protein

Protein Boxes, Jerky, Hard Boiled Eggs, Nuts, Seeds


Salads with Lean Protein (light on sour cream/cheese)

Tacos (light on sour cream/cheese)

Lunas Tacos & Tequila 

Tacos of Choice: ask for sauce on side

Luna’s Chopped Salad with a Protein

Veggie Based Slaws

The Rio

Shrimp Diabla


Salad with Lean Protein (dressing on side, light on high calorie toppings)

Fajitas (choose tortillas or rice/beans vs both)

Tacos with Steamed Veggies


Lettuce Wrapped Burger (Single Patty, Chicken, Veggie), Load Up on Veggies Toppings or Add Side Salad (easy on high fat/carb toppings)


Housemade Salads & Sandwiches, occasionally wraps

Teas & Coffee

Butters Pancakes/Doug’s Dinner/Egg and I

Scrambles and Omelets loaded with Veggies (go easy on carby sides, opt for fruit)

Café Mexicali

Salads with Lean Protein (light on sour cream, sauces, cheese)

Tacos (light on sour cream, sauces, cheese)

Cheba Hut

Salads with Lean Protein

Sandwiches Loaded with Veggies (light on condiments, cheese, fatty meats)

Lucky Fins

Southwest Poki Bowl

Tacos (light on toppings/sauces)

Lean Steak, Chicken or Fish with Veggies

Salads with Protein (dressing on side)

Mason Jar Meal Co.

Premade healthy meals in a mason jar

Hiroshi Teriyaki Grill

Bowl with Lean Protein and Veggies (light on sauce and rice)


Salads, Wraps or Sandwiches with Lean Protein and Veggies

Chili Thai

Choose a Lean Protein (careful with sugary sauces) and Load Up on Steamed Veggies,

Fresh Spring Rolls


Papaya or Mango Salad

Vegetable Curry with Protein

Royal Nepal

Indian Salad

Pick a Lean Protein, Go Easy on Rice and Naan

Tandoori-Cooked Protein with Veggies


Breakfast Eggs with Veggies

Small Steak or Lean Protein with Veggie Sides

Salads with Dressing on the Side

Burger with Veggie Side

Quinoa Bowl with Dressing on the Side


Small Pizza or Salad, Load Up on Veggies and Lean Protein

(check the website for all the topping nutrition info)